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Note: I will be sharing many recipes on this blog - I'm not going to write 'organic' next to every ingredient, but you can assume most are, as 99% of the food in our house is organic or local & pesticide free.

Hi! I'm Jenny. I have a great husband and an awesome baby, who is not so much a baby anymore but a budding little toddler. Anyway, you probably know all that stuff...

I started this blog, partly for me to keep track of things like my research, favorite recipes, progress, and just life in general as well as for our friends and family to see what we're up to these days. While my husband is 100% on board some days, and he really does try!, our son and I are following a 100% plant based (vegan) diet for our health.

I should bring up the ethical reasons too.  I've been a vegetarian in the past and even vegan (following the Dr. McDougall plan) for a short time, but it never really stuck.  There was always a reason not to and I never really looked into the health reasons behind it.  Well, they're sure out there now and coupled with the fact that I am have a bleeding heart for animals (hello, 3 rescue dogs and 1 horse) I couldn't find a reason not to commit to this now.  I started to see a real disconnect with the fact that someone can love their dog so much and not fathom eating Fido, but chow down on a burger without a thought. Sure, they might not be AS cute and cuddly as dogs, but cows are sweet too.

Here's the thing.. we all choose the diet and lifestyle we do.  What is right for my family may be totally wrong for yours, but there are reasons (ethical and health) why I choose to do this and I can't look the other way any longer. And I really want to raise our son (and hopefully do as much as possible to keep my husband healthy, too!) to be socially conscious and healthy. There are so many diseases out there that can be prevented and reversed by a plant based diet and I want to arm our son with that foundation for a healthy future. 

Aren't we missing out? Well, sure sometimes the old SAD (standard American diet) items sound good (though less and less lately) there are always decent substitutions if we REALLY need them, however, there are so many AMAZING and healthy whole foods that most people never even try that if anything, we have so many more choices! I try not to use a lot of soy/tofu subs, but it's nice to know that in a pinch, they are there.

Here's to our health...and yours! I hope you enjoy following our journey and maybe even learn something that resonates with you.
Some of My Favorite Books:

The Kind Diet

McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook (a great simple cookbook, but also includes lots of easy to understand info about the plan and research behind it)

Eat to Live

Breaking The Food Seduction

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