Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Could I be any more sporadic with this freakin' thing? Um, no. But that's one of my resolutions I just decided. (yup, just now).

See, the thing is I have been "McDougalling", as I like to call it, since I got home from our New Orleans trip September 11, 2010. I've lost about 12 lbs since then and by most "safe" standards of weight loss this is still good. Especially when you don't have a ton to lose (I'd like to lose about 25 more) and have PCOS which "they say" makes weight loss super hard. (Not sure whether I truly believe that or not, but it seems to be consistent finding among PCOSers). Anyway, 12 lbs in 3 1/2 months isn't bad, but I know it could be better. Why?

Because, I will be honest, I cheat. I sabatoge myself and I don't know why, but I do. My only non vegan cheat is sushi from our favorite place (probably 5-7 times since Sept.) but I do a lot of vegan compliance yet McDougall cheating in terms of Qdoba veggie burritos, pizza without cheese, etc. It's really not cool. And I am done with it.

When I cheat, I always go back to some hard core McDougalling and lbs FALL off. Imagine what would happen if I was consistent and stayed there?! I probably would have double the weight loss right now.

But I won't dwell on the past. It is what it is. I freaking love this way of eating. I don't cheat because I feel restricted. I was cheating because I was being lazy. Too lazy to make something healthy that I loved, too lazy to say no to my favorite things, just lazy. It's really funny that the things I miss the least are meat and dairy. That is so easy to do without. It's the added fat and the refined carbs in things like Qdoba burritos. And it's sheer laziness because I know I can make the exact same thing at home over some brown rice - it just takes some planning. And when my husband calls, passing Qdoba, on his way home from work and I am tired from entertaining a 16 month old all day, it's EASY to say, "please get me a veggie burrito". And he's so nice in that he does anything I ask for, that he does. And if I tell him to say "no" to me, let's be honest, that doesn't put a guy in a good spot. And it's not his job to make sure I stick to a healthy eating plan. It's mine.

Recently a fire of sorts (ironically enough, not really anything to do with the new year, my feeling is if you are going to change, why wait til Jan 1???? It's just a date) has been lit under my ass. I want to show the world how easy and simple this is. Because it truly is.

Oh, another thing that has kicked my ass into gear is my Whole Foods. They started an Engine 2 (similar diet plan to McDougall) challenge for the employees and customers who want to participate. Every Tuesday evening they are holding cooking/info classes based on the E2 diet. I hadn't planned on signing up since I already McDougall (and driving 20 min. each way to be somewhere from 6:30-8 at night is less than appealing), but while shopping this week one of my fav. employees there was wearing the button about it and so we began talking about. She got me (and my mom, though she's already cheating! ha) to sign up, so I'm excited for that little extra (and free!) oomph!

I've been trying to plan my recipes a lot more and having been doing a lot more cooking. Right now gumbo (recipe is posted on her) is simmering on my stove for dinner. :) I just ordered this cookbook which comes with rave reviews from various sources, so I will be sure to post about that as well.

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