Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chugging Along

Hey ya'll... sorry for the absence again...I've been busy! But busy cooking and busy losing weight!

I decided to begin weighing myself only one day a week (Fridays) because I was getting obsessive about stepping on the scale and I fully know that isn't good or accurate at all. I've been around the dieting block one too many time to think that's a good idea. Still, when you feel your clothes getting looser, you get too excited.

Like this morning. It's Thursday and I know I should wait until tomorrow morning, but I couldn't help it. My pjs felt so big so I hopped on.

Down 1.5 lbs since last Friday. :) I am so happy the weight is finally moving again and I'm not playing with the same 3-4 lbs I have been for the past 2 months it seems.

So I am officially down 16.5 lbs since starting in mid September with 25.5 to go. 115 lbs is my goal, but to be honest, I will be thrilled when I hit 125 and 120. I'm hoping by being really strict and not cheating with things like Qdoba (white "food" and lots of oil I am sure) it will really push my weight loss again.

I've made a few more recipes from Appetite for Reduction, but was too lazy to take photos so I will just review those later, maybe during nap time this afternoon assuming my 17 month old (btw, how the eff did THAT happen!?) sleeps well. I also went to the first official meeting at Whole Foods for their Engine 2 28 day challenge. So far it seems quite similar to McDougall so I am following along with them to keep me motivated. I think of it like a McDougall meeting a la Weight Watchers style. ;) It's every Tuesday, for the next 4 weeks, for about an hour at Whole Foods here. They give you tips and such and cook so we even got McDougall legal snacks. Do you know how long it's been since I've had someone else cook for me where I was sure it was 100% legal for me to it? It felt nice!

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