Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower Ricotta & Spinach

I can't really post the whole recipe here, but I will tell you about it and give you some mouthwatering pictures. Then you can go grab the book, Appetite for Reduction, and make it!

Anyway, as you know, I got this cookbook last week and it took me forever to decide what to make first. Honestly, I'd flip through and get a little overwhelmed b/c on every page there was something that I "had to make". Can't really complain about that, though!

So I decided to make this last night since it was the weekend and I had a little more time to deal with something new like this. But it honestly wasn't tough at all.

It sounded soooo good even though I am not the biggest fan of tofu or cauliflower. I try not to eat a ton of soy products, but will allow myself the occasional tofu or soy milk treat, if it's organic. I just don't tend to cook with tofu a lot for that reason, plus the fact that it never tastes good when I make it. Let's face it...tofu is good fried/coated in oil in things like Pad Thai.

Anyway, first thing I learned? I LOVE roasted cauliflower. Seriously, the first thing you do is roast some cauliflower (I just baked cut up cauliflower at 400 degrees for about 15 min. on each "side". I did use a spray of PAM and some salt....) and let me tell you..I could have eaten the entire tray before I added to the tofu ricotta mixture. It was so good! So that's my new snack!

This recipe uses fresh spinach leaves, which I prefer to the other spinach lasagnas I've made b/c I hate dealing with frozen (soggy!) spinach. I forgot to chop the leaves first, like instructed, and just dumped them on. It still worked and took out a step. Score!

I think I was a little short on cauliflower this time so next time I will be sure to use a bit more, but otherwise this was pure perfection. Oh, I also used brown rice lasagna noodles instead of whole what or white. I'm a huge brown rice pasta fan. Tastes more like white, while still being healthier to eat. I don't normally eat spinach or cauliflower on a daily, or even weekly, basis so this was a good change in terms of veggies!

*The recipe does call for olives on top, which when following the max weight loss plan for Dr. McDougall should be avoided, but it was 1/4 cup over the entire recipe. I decided to splurge on a few grams of fat in a whole form like olives. I did leave out oil, except for a spray or two for roasting.*

roasted cauli lasagna


  1. Food photographer now! FABULOUS!!!! We aren't big pasta people, but it looks really good! My carnivore husband would not be satisfied, but I would! You are such a BLOG GIRL. I have not even attempted it! I might someday! I enjoy them all! Talk soon! :0)

  2. Food photographer? Fabulous! We are not big pasta people, but it looks great! My carnivore husband would not be satisfied, but I would! I love all your blogs. Talk soon! Way to go!

  3. haha yeah mine isn't a huge fan of most things (he wouldn't touch this if I paid him, mostly b/c of the tofu and spinach) without meat, but I try for his health! :)

    Yeah I love blogging. Gives me something creative to do and, most importantly, keeps me accountable for sticking to a healthy eating plan!

    The only pasta we eat anymore really is brown rice pasta. Love it. But I do try to stick to brown rice and potatoes since they're much better for you.