Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying Strong

Why is it so easy to cave? It's like I am another person in that moment and I think, "It's fine, this one meal isn't going to make or break my success with weight loss...". But it IS. Because it's a downward spiral. And while I might be able to have some goodies in the future and then go right back to eating healthy, it's not something I can handle right now.

Last night I got a text from my husband on his way home from work. I missed his first call and his text said something like "if you want sushi answer your phone". I immediately assumed he was stopping at Miyako, our favorite place and where we can easily drop $75, and panicked.

I wanted their sushi. It's like crack. Who could say no to that???

I called him right away preparing to throw it all out the window. I've been working so hard this week. I made all the recipes I planned to, got a new cookbook (more about that later), and was dedicating myself to this journey. Was I ready to throw that out the window for one meal? Unfortunately, yes.

Until I talked to him and realized he was not at Miyako, but WHOLE FOODS! For a moment I was actually really disappointed, but then thankful. He was buying me brown rice, veggie sushi. I can totally eat that and not feel guilty!


But I learned something. I cannot be tempted right now. Because I will cave. And I need to stay strong.

Okay, back to that cookbook I mentioned above. I am a new fan of Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She's all sorts of awesome! You can check out her website/blog here at Post Punk Kitchen. She follows a vegan diet and everything she cooks is vegan, but she does tend to use a lot of added oil which is not healthy. Vegan junk food is still junk food, remember!

But...her newest cookbook, Appetite for Reduction, is chock full of amazingly yummy looking vegan recipes that are lower in fat. Still a bit high for McDougall, but you can easily make them McDougall legal by simply omitting the teaspoon of oil she directs you to saute in or things like that. No big deal at all. The recipes look outstanding. I've picked out a few to make after we go shopping tonight and I will report back. Anyway, then I learned that her diagnosis of PCOS spurred her to write a lower fat cookbook. Since I also have PCOS it's so nice to get away from the typical (and less than stellar) recommendation to avoid all carbs, eat tons of protein, etc. Coincidence that the only way I've been able to ovulate on my own, and almost to the month no less, in practically my entire life is since I started a low fat, plant (starch) based diet? I think not!

I also just got the book Raising Vegetarian Children. The author uses the term vegetarian = vegan, so it's a great resource for us and our toddler!

I've been really bad about stepping on the scale almost every day, which, as a serial dieter my entire life I have been told over and over again is bad and I know it, so I'm going to pick one day a week to weigh in and stick to it. However, even with my recent up and down week after week of the same few lbs I have gone from 157-158 over the summer to currently sitting at 143. My "big goal" that I think I'm going to feel comfortable with is 115, but right now my goals are to hit 130 and then 120.


  1. I hear you. I'm about 2 weeks into McDougalling and have had such success, especially with my blood sugar and pressure. So far when we go out my only splurge has been Ranch dressing but I am going to convince myself to take my FF Italian next time.

    I enjoy your blog - stick with it.

  2. Thanks so much, Becky! Good to have you here and McDougalling. We're in this together!