Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recipe : Tostados

Okay, so there are some nights, after hanging out with my almost 14 month old all day, that the thought of cooking sounds less than appealing. This is my super satisfying way to feel like I'm eating tacos.

What you need:
-organic corn tortillas (mostly everything in my recipes will be organic because that's how we roll, but I stress this in these. I always stick to organic corn!) (I get them at Whole Foods).
-fat free re-fried beans (I try to limit canned products b/c of BPA, but I haven't experimented much with creating my own yet)
-various toppings (salsa, fresh tomatoes, fresh onions, olives (if I am allowing myself a some fat), etc).

All you do is bake the tortillas at 350 degrees while warming up the beans on the stove. The tortillas are done when they are no longer soft, but harder (and sometimes curled up around the edges) like taco shells. Spread each one with beans and top with your favorite toppings! If you are open to adding a little more fat to your diet than I am right now, you can top with avocado, olives, and non dairy, non soy cheese - YUMMY!

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