Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Biggest Loser - Bob's Vegan Meal

Do you watch this show? It's so mainstream so I'm sure many of you reading (you know, all 2 of you :) ) have watched it at some point.

I used to be a huge fan of the show. I mean, it is pretty cool seeing people so obese totally change their lives (sometimes!) I've always loved Bob, one of the trainers. He just seems like a cool person, laid back, but motivating, a little on the eco friendly/green side which appeals to the tiny hippie in me, and let's face it, the guy does yoga with his trainees! Pretty sweet.

One thing I've always disliked about the show are the product pushes. It would be one thing if they were for truly healthy products, but things like processed ground turkey? SUGAR FREE gum? Are you kidding me? The sugar free gum really pissed me off because I can't believe anyone in the health industry could actually push that kind of crap. (Artificial sweeteners are bad, very bad for you, my friend!)

Anyway, on last night's episode Bob invited some of the contestants over to his own home for a vegan meal! He explained that this is how he eats all the time and that their entire meal was cooked without any sort of animal product. No meat, no butter, no dairy, etc.

And you know what??? It sure looked better than a damn turkey sandwich from Subway!!! It was beautiful. Colorful. NUTRITIONALLY LOADED. Did anyone ever stop to think that, sure eating makes us full, but we eat to gain our nutrients? Did you know they're not supposed to come from a little pill that scientists are now saying may not even deliver the nutrients stated on that bottle? They are supposed to come from a colorful, variety of plant-based foods.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the meal and be impressed that it was that healthy and that good. One woman went on to say that she often orders a $5 pizza for her and her 2 kids a few times a week. Bob said he couldn't compete with $5 pizzas, but then explained how cheap rice and beans are. For $5 worth of rice and beans (and maybe add in a little fresh or frozen veggies) you could make SO. MUCH. FOOD. And it would cost less in the long run b/c of your health.

That is what I hope to show here. Eating a plant-based diet (vegan) doesn't have to be boring and without flavor. I hope to share some of our favorite recipes around here, especially things that we used to make with animal products but don't anymore and taste just as good! I have one coming up later today...

Here is a link to more about Bob and his vegan diet!

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